BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: RFP for Consession Services at the Hyannis Transportation Center


Request for Proposal for Food and Beverage Concessions at the Hyannis Transportation Center


July 25, 2019

Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority

215 Iyannough Road

PO Box 1988

Hyannis, MA 02601


Attn: Lynn Ahlgren



General Information


The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority is seeking proposals from qualified food service concessionaires for the furnishing of equipment, supplies, and staffing necessary to provide prepackaged food (no on site food preparation will be permitted) and beverage concessions at the Hyannis Transportation Center, 215 Iyannough Road, Hyannis, MA.


The selected concessionaire must be able to install and operate the concessions on or before November 15, 2019.



Respondents must email their proposal by August 30, 2019 to Lynn Ahlgren at


Site Visit

Concessionaires who are interested in seeing the location in person should notify Lynn Ahlgren at and Scott Swiniarski at to schedule a mutually agreeable time to view the site location. Site visits must be conducted between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday.


Minimum Requirements

Proposer should have at least 2 years of continuous experience within the last 5 years in the ownership, management and operation of a concession business.


Proposal Schedule


Announcement of Opportunity                                   July 25, 2019

Last day to submit questions for clarification             August 23, 2019

Electronic Proposals Due                                           August 30, 2019

CCRTA review of proposals                                       September 6, 2019


CCRTA will meet preferred concession partner to negotiate and discuss project specifics. If parties can not come to an agreement, CCRTA will contact the next best proposal to come to an agreement until all acceptable proposals have been discussed or an agreement has been made.      


The preceding schedule is based on CCRTA’s best estimates. CCRTA reserves the right to deviate from this schedule at their discretion.



The CCRTA operates a suite of public transit services which serve 1.6 million riders annually. Services are provided to all 15 towns on the Cape with a transportation hub and administrative offices located at the Hyannis Transportation Center (HTC) at 215 Iyannough Road in Hyannis. In addition to the CCRTA services, the HTC provides connections to intercity carriers Peter Pan Bus Lines and Plymouth and Brockton Street Railway and provides a Gateway to Main Street Hyannis. In order to better serve the riding public, CCRTA is seeking proposals for the operation of concession services at the HTC. CCRTA believes the addition of concessions at the HTC will provide a convenience to individuals using the HTC.

The proposed space is approximately 24’ X 10’ and is located on the first floor of the HTC at the Main Street end of the building and features electric and water hook ups. The area will be fitted with a security enclosure to protect contents of the concession during hours in which the concession is not open for business.


Hours of Operation

The HTC is open year-round to the public between the hours of 5:30 AM and 8:30 PM however the number of people using the facility is seasonal with the period between Memorial Day and Columbus Day having the most foot traffic.

It is the desire of the CCRTA that the concession will be open as much as practicably feasible to meet the needs of the riding public, however we do understand that reduced hours may be appropriate. Proposals shall indicate the concessions proposed hours of operation. Once established, hours may not be changed without prior approval of the CCRTA.




It shall be the responsibility of the concessionaire to acquire and maintain requirements including permits for the operation of the concession.

The concessionaire shall work in partnership with the CCRTA on the build out of the concession with mutually agreed upon seating, counters and fit out of the concession within the timeframe specified in this RFP. CCRTA will provide a total fit out budget not to exceed $10,000 which may include counters, stationary storage cabinets, seating, trash receptacles and tables.

Concessionaires shall provide a drawing of the proposed fit out and budget with actual fit out to be determined in partnership with the CCRTA.

Concessionaire shall provide:

The concessionaire will be responsible for disposing of bulk packaging and expired product in the on-site dumpster.

The concessionaire will provide staff to operate the concession during the hours mutually agreed upon by the concessionaire and the CCRTA. Proposed staff must be able to pass a CCRTA background check. The concessionaire shall provide training and supervision of staff throughout the duration of the contract.


CCRTA shall provide:


CCRTA will provide a build out allowance of $10,000 for the build out of the concession stand. Items included in the buildout are:



Operating Standards



The Concessionaire is responsible for keeping the concession area neat, clean and in good repair. The Concessionaire will clean up spills and messes in the HTC if caused by concession item spills. The concessionaire will regularly empty trash receptacles and will ensure that the receptacles do not become overfilled in the immediate area of the concession. The concessionaire will not allow boxes, cartons or other items to remain in view of public areas.


The concessionaire shall staff the concession during agreed upon hours of operation. Staff shall receive necessary training in food safety and operations and shall be supervised by the concessionaire. Staff must be able to successfully complete a security review as specified by the CCRTA.


Acceptance of all deliveries is the responsibility of the concessionaire. Deliveries must by carried or hand trucked into the concession area and accepted by concession staff. CCRTA will neither transport nor accept concession deliveries.

Menu and Pricing

The concessionaire shall provide reasonable priced high-quality foods and beverages for the convenience of Hyannis Transportation Center users. Healthy snacks and beverages should be part of the selections of goods for sale at the concession. Any cooking or heating of items is restricted to the use of a microwave or hot beverage set up.

Environmentally Supportive Practices

CCRTA would like to encourage the use of environmental supportive practices whenever possible.


Business Terms


The concessionaire shall pay a fixed monthly rent of $400 per month, payable in full on the first day of each month. Rent begins on the first month in which the concessionaire is open to the public for business sales.

In the case that the first month of operation is not a full month, rent shall be pro-rated. Rent must be paid within the first 5 days of operation.

The term of the rental agreement shall be from date of opening to April 30, 2020. Thirty days prior to the end of the first period, the concessionaire and the transit authority shall review operations and look for improvements.


Late Payment

If the concessionaire is delinquent in rent payment, the concessionaire shall pay a penalty of $20 for each month or partial month that rent continues to be delinquent. If rent is more than two months late, CCRTA reserves the right to discontinue partnership with the concessionaire and re-lease the facility space to a responsive tenant. The original tenant will still remain liable for the rent and penalties until such time of notification of termination of agreement and shall have until the end of the month to vacate the premises.

Permits/Compliance and Taxes

The concessionaire shall obtain and pay for all licenses, permits and inspections required for the operations of services. The concessionaire shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws governing the operation of the concession. Violation of federal, state or local law may be considered cause for termination of the lease.

In addition, the concessionaire shall be responsible for and pay all taxes relating to the operation of the concession including sales, payroll and other taxes assessed.

Health Standards, Regulations and Permits

The concessionaire shall apply for, receive and show proof of any health permits required for the operation of the concession stand along with copies of any health inspections. The highest standards of cleanliness shall be maintained for the safety of the public and concession employees. All equipment must be sanitized in accordance with health rules and regulations and all food and beverages must be stored in a sanitary manner to avoid vermin and spoilage. No food shall be prepared on site. Trash shall be removed from the facility daily and placed in the CCRTA dumpster.

Initial Term of the Agreement

The initial term of the agreement shall be from date of operation through April 30, 2020. Subsequent renewals shall be on an annual basis – May 1 through April 30. Renewal of the lease on an annual basis shall be at the mutual agreement of CCRTA and the concessionaire for a period of up to 3 years with the rent payment to be renegotiated annually.


Either party may terminate the lease with 90 days written notice. Notice should be through certified mail to ensure receipt by the other party. CCRTA reserves the right to terminate the agreement for any reason that they determine is in the best interest of the Authority.


During the term of the lease, the concessionaire is required to maintain general liability insurance with a minimum liability limit of $1,000,000. A certificate of insurance shall be furnished to the CCRTA. The certificate must provide 1) thirty-day prior notice be given to the CCRTA in the event of cancellation or reduction of insurance, and should identify the CCRTA as an additional insured. The concessionaire shall be solely responsible for any health-related claims brought by customers of the concessionaire’s concession.

In addition, the concessionaire must provide workers comp insurance for all employees working in or in support of the concession in strict compliance with state and federal requirements.


The concessionaire shall indemnify and hold harmless the CCRTA from and against any loss, liability, damage or expense without limitation legal or other costs in connection with any action, suit or preceding brought by or against the CCRTA in relation to the indemnification, paid, incurred or suffered by the CCRTA as a result of any act, omission or neglect of the concessionaire or its agents or employees in connection with the conduct of any activity work or endeavor undertaken in connection to the lease.  


Proposal Content and Evaluation Criteria

Proposals should briefly and succinctly respond to administrative and program components by addressing each of the points below:

The evaluation process includes two steps:

  1. Proposals should briefly and succinctly respond to each of the requested items.
  2. The top two proposals will be further evaluated by CCRTA staff. Evaluations may include visits to existing operations, references, and/or interviews.

Please provide the following:

  1. Describe your experience and background in operating a similar concession type business.
  2. Discuss your standards for cleanliness, food safety and quality of experience for customers.
  3. Provide the experience/qualifications of the person who will be responsible for management and oversight of the concession.
  4. A detailed financial plan for the first year of operations of the concession.
  5. Describe the equipment and furnishings you propose as well as the line item budget for concession fit out (CCRTA is offering a fit out budget not to exceed $10,000 – items purchased through this fund will remain the property of the CCRTA)
  6. Provide a list of sample proposed items for sale at the concession with proposed pricing. If offering prepared foods, indicate the names of the providers or indicate if they will be made/produced by the concessionaire. No food shall be prepared on site.
  7. Proposed hours of operation

Site Evaluation

The evaluation committee may choose to conduct an unannounced visit to other locations operated by the proposer (if applicable). During the unannounced site visit, CCRTA will evaluate:

The CCRTA prefers a concessionaire with existing experience operating a similar concession. However, in the event that a proposer is not presently operating a similar business, the review committee may contact the proposer to discuss previous experience in the concession business.

Any proposer seeking clarification of the requested information should submit questions in writing to Lynn Ahlgren at .


Thank you for your interest in this proposal.


Additional Provisions

Cost of Preparation: Cost of Preparation of response is the responsibility of the proposer.

Cancellation: CCRTA reserves the right to cancel award of this contract at any time in advance of the execution of this contract by both parties. The proposer assumes the sole risk and responsibility for all expenses prior to execution of the contract.

Rejection of Proposals: CCRTA reserves the right to reject any or all responses to this RFP.

Assignment of Contract: No part or portion of this contract may be reassigned by the proposer without express written consent by the CCRTA.

Non Discrimination: The successful proposer must abide by federal and state civil rights legislation prohibiting discrimination in employment practices.

Recyclable products: Proposers shall use recyclable or environmentally friendly products whenever practicable.

Disputes: Any disputes or differences of opinion regarding the items or services to be sold are at the discretion of the CCRTA.

Clarification of Responses: CCRTA reserves the right to seek clarification from proposers on any point of the proposal in question. Refusal to provide clarification may result in the proposal being considered non responsive.

Publicity: Any publicity surrounding the new concession including brochures or press releases must be approved by the CCRTA.

Zoning and Code Regulations: The proposer at their own expense shall comply with any zoning regulations, building codes and signage regulations established by the Town of Barnstable. The concessionaire is entirely responsible for obtaining and complying with regulations. 





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Release Date : 07/25/2019

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